How To Seal Wooden Floors Beautifully

Wood floor seal is an indispensable need of many people today. This is considered an important and necessary job for you to “put on” a new shirt for your wooden floor.

Also according to experts, the lacquered wooden floor will prolong life, resist mold, termites, and help your wooden floor shine better.

So, how to seal the wooden floors quickly and still ensure quality. Follow the article below to pocket some of our beautiful durable floor seal tips.

Why should seal the wooden floor?

The wooden floor is a popular product and is chosen by a large number of customers.

Currently, there are two popular types of flooring: natural wood flooring and industrial wood flooring, in which natural wood flooring takes priority. So, should we seal the wooden floor or not?

For natural wood

Natural laminate flooring has a characteristic aroma, beautiful wood grain, so it is very popular. However, many people still wonder whether the wood floor seal will lose the natural wood grain.

The answer is no. Even, according to experts, the sealing of wooden floors will increase the elegance and nobility and help your house become more luxurious and modern.

For industrial wood

Although industrial wood does not have many advantages in the process of using it, it often has many errors such as blistering, blistering, scratching. However, it is still used a lot because of its low price.

Currently, the sealing of laminate flooring is an important and obligatory thing to do. Because it not only adds aesthetics but also conceals the imperfections of the floor.

Type of Popular Wood Floor Seals

Interior sealing is a highly demanding and artistic work because it requires skillful techniques and creativity to produce the most beautiful and impressive finished product.

In particular, not any seal can be used for wood floor seal. Currently, the most popular line is the PU wood seal.

quality sealers

This is the seal used to decorate high-quality natural wood flooring. The advantage of the PU seal is natural, fresh color.

In particular, it helps the natural wood floor stand out more, each wood grain appears more subtle.

Among the good quality seals, PU 2k is the most diversified. It is mainly used for thin woods such as bamboo, bamboo. Besides, this seal can be used as a primer for metals, rarely applied to laminate flooring.

Epoxy PU seal is divided into 2 types: solid-liquid and plastic liquid.

The advantages of the seal are high adhesion and durability.

In particular, Epoxy PU seal dedicated to industrial wood floors is swollen, scratched, helping to conceal defects and make the wooden floor become new and more beautiful.

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