Camping In The Rain Checklist

Rain is inevitable. And rain on a camping day doesn’t seem like a good sign.

However, there is no reason to let the rain spoil out your camping day. In this article, we provide a helpful guideline for camping in the rain checklist so that you can have the best preparation no matter how the weather is.

A Guide For Camping In The Rain 

You may think that the rain isn’t a concern when you’re inside the tent. However, sometimes the harsh weather can threaten your life if you don’t take it into proper consideration. So here are some small tips you should remember when going camping. 

First, think about the place you are going to set up a tent. The tent can prevent you from being wet, but it can’t protect you from getting flooded. The camping spot can be a compacted-soil area that can wipe out your tent at any time. 

The second thing is to always have lights on the camping site. Bring with you LED lights or handy flashlights to boost the ambient area. Light is essential in emergency cases, significantly when you’re far away from your tent or rain wipes out your tent in the dark.

Always prepare for flashlights

Camping In The Rain Checklist 

Add Bivy Bags

First and foremost, never forget your sleeping bags at home. So are the bivy bags when it’s raining outside.

When the ground is cold and wet, a bivy bag is necessary to stay warm. It can prevent your sleeping bags from getting wet and retain the heat as well.


Blankets are essential significantly on rainy days. The rain can suddenly lower the air temperature and bring up the humidity, getting you into trouble if you’re not well-prepared.

As a result, you’ll need to be wrapped up in a warm blanket when it comes to midnight. 

Waterproof clothing

Waterproof clothing seems like a better choice than warm clothing on rainy days. They are lightweight and easy to dry at the same time.

However, prepare extra waterproof clothing and wrap it in a plastic bag so that you can change the outfit anywhere you want when needed. This clothing can be a good replacement for Bivy bags as well.  

Waterproof tent

This thing may be under your control, but we’d like to mention it again. Preparing a best tents for bad weather would never be a waste because it’s undeniably convenient.

Remember to buy a waterproof tent, so that you can use it under any weather conditions, from beautiful sunny days to pouring rainy days. 

Buy waterproof tents

Spare foods

Imagine you’re at a camping site, a forest, for example, that provides you diverse kinds of plants to cook. However, it’s raining cats and dogs, and you can’t set fire to cook.

In case you can’t go out for natural food, always keep canned foods and dried foods beside you. You’ll never regret it when it comes to food, won’t you?

Other accessories

Having a gadget kit is crucial when the weather becomes harsh. One of them is a tent peg. These inexpensive tent pegs help to hold your tent firmly in the soft, marshy ground after heavy rain. 

Another tool needed in your kit is cords and ropes. They work the best for you to hang up tarp sheets to make additional rain shelter.

Besides, you can also carry along plastic bags to keep your belongings from being wet.


Hopefully, with the camping in the rain checklist mentioned above, you can enjoy a rainy but wonderful day outside instead of getting wet and shaking in the cold.